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No man is an island, and as business owners this is something, we all learn at an early stage. Having a trusted advisor, an associate or someone to just bounce business problems or challenges off can really make a difference. Unfortunately for whatever reason this may not always be feasible and that is where a business mentor comes in to bridge this gap. A business mentor is typically more experienced and supports an individual to clearly identify their problems and then guides and advises on how best to overcome these obstacles.

Mentoring has always played a vital role in business success and at some stage every business owner will avail of it. While there are many overall benefits of mentoring, for each mentee this will differ depending on their initial needs.

What can a business mentor do for you?


Mentors offer advice and guidance towards business problems and challenges. Drawing on experience but equally having the ability to look objectively at the ‘big picture’, i.e., your business and clearly identify strengths, weaknesses, challenges and most importantly opportunities.


Mentors challenge – stimulating thinking outside the box and setting achievable actionable goals, whilst ensuring there is a positive balance between encouragement and gentle pressure towards achieving these goals.


Mentors support you through listening, encouragement, support, and direction nurturing the decision markers confidence to enable them to make vital decisions to drive the business forward successfully.


Mentors inspire through sharing experiences, agreeing actions, and encouraging accountability towards achieving goals and most notably celebrating success.

Carmody Consultancy has provided mentoring across a number of industries. Typically, this mentoring is provided through monthly one-to-one basis, over an agreed set period of time depending on the client’s needs.

Contact Carmody Consultancy to book your mentoring session or if would like to find out more about how you could benefit from it.

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Placing the Customer at the heart of every decision, Carmody Consultancy provides straightforward action-oriented solutions to help businesses thrive.


“Grainne has been a member of our mentor panel for the past 3 years and in that time, she has brought great clarity and a sense of perspective to many business owners. Insightful of both the business and the people she works with, she has the ability to distil the complex into straightforward action-oriented solutions, is a great listener and always has the interests of the client at the forefront of what she does.
Client feedback to us has been exceptional and we look forward to further LEO clients benefiting from the advice and encouragement Grainne will provide.”

Sean O’Sullivan

Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office South Cork