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Every business needs marketing but crucially every business’s marketing needs differ. 

To support these differences, Carmody Consultancy delivers tailored marketing solutions based on individual business needs. Specializing in the areas of brand positioning, brand awareness, lead generation, product/service launches, and customer engagement across a variety of sectors from start-ups to multinationals. Adapting a blend of the more traditional offline and the growing online marketing to ensures results are optimized for clients.

Our approach is bespoke, starting with getting to know each business, understanding their customers, and building a marketing plan that will outline the roadmap to achieve real results and growth. Pivotal to the success of our plans is ensuring they align with the business goals, budgets, internal resources, skillsets and timelines.

The corner stone to all our marketing strategies is that we incorporate components from our Business and Insight Strategy planning services which guarantees we deliver a comprehensive winning formula to clients.

The benefits of a good Marketing Strategy are:

How can we help with your Marketing needs?


Design and implement bespoke Marketing Plans & Strategies (including Digital Marketing Strategy) focused on achieving the overall business marketing goals and objectives.


Conduct market research to develop a clear understanding of customers to allow for more accurate targeting and brand positioning.


Build brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, using multi-channel marketing approaches. Identify the materials, tools, channels, content, and resources required to support all marketing activities.


Identify, setup and manage all the relevant Online (Website) and Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business). Enhance results through merging digital approaches such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Email Marketing.

Support can be on a consultancy, ad-hoc or full-service basis depending on your needs.
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“We were thoroughly impressed by Grainne’s expertise. Her professionalism and speed of work made implementing her recommendations absolutely seamless for our business. I would highly recommend Grainne for any of your marketing needs.”

Jonathan Lynam

Managing Principal, Murphy Lynam Solicitors